Special Effects: Cocktail Courier

Sampling unique cocktails is one thing. Making them at home is another. The inconvenience of picking up pricey and hard-to-find ingredients takes away from all the fun, especially when it’s a liquor ingredient that will rarely be used. Forget the trip to the liquor store and then the market, and get all the components of a cocktail delivered straight to your door. Cocktail Courier sources the world’s most innovative and tasty cocktail recipes from top bartenders and delivers the necessary ingredients to you. Inside the box, you’ll find perishable ingredients (limes, juices, and syrups) in refrigerated packets, as well as the liquor, garnish, and an instruction card. The website makes it easy to find a cocktail you’ll love, and gives visitors the option of selecting how many cocktails they’d like to make. $5.99–8.99 per drink or $39.99 for a subscription service.www.cocktailcourier.com

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