Special Effects: Stuff It

Image via Stuffits.

Image via Stuffits.

Ever work out hard in the morning, go to a full day of work, then get home to unpack your gym bag and nearly get knocked over by the smell? Stuffitts for Gear is kicking that problem with their odor-killing, water-resistant backpack specifically designed to knock out damp gear’s toxic cloud. A generously sized, removable cedar insert with antimicrobial Microban removes moisture and odor while everything is zipped up, and there are large compartments to stow all your stuff, clean or dirty. The backpack has inner zip pockets, side-zipped compartments, a separate lower section for shoes, quick-close mesh top, and a bungee system to add extras. Sleek mesh panels throughout give flair and extra air circulation. Use it as your travel daypack/carry-on when you hit the road, and your locker caddy when you’re hitting the gym. It is versatile, cool looking, and whether you or someone else does your laundry, everyone will appreciate that it’s a smart and effective stink zapper. Pink/gray, red/gray, royal blue/yellow, or black. $109.95. www.stuffitts.com

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