Special Effects: Sweet Solution Chocolate for Your Jet Lag

Image via Antidote.
Image via Antidote.

When it comes to fighting jet lag (adopting to the local time zone, staying up the first night, etc.), the school of thought that is our favorite is where doctors recommend chocolate as an in-flight or shortly after- landing snack to beat travel stress. Just any supermarket chocolate will not do the trick, look for high-quality dark chocolate with lots of flavonoids that serve as antioxidants. Antidote bars are a great source of energy and boast a 50/50 blend of raw and roasted Arriba cacao sustainably produced in Ecuador. Flavor combinations are exciting, like lavender and red salt, banana/cayenne, almond/fennel, ginger/goldenberry, and mango/juniper. Go ahead, indulge, it’s doctor’s orders, and there’s no health insurance required for this dreamy prescription. $6.50-$8 per 65 gram bar. 

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