Special Effects: The Serum of Youth

Image via iS

Image via iS

The fountain of youth isn’t found in St. Augustine, Bimini, or the bogs of Ireland, it’s in a bottle from esteemed brand Innovative Skincare. The company, which has garnered a cult-like following of in-the-know beauty experts, has released their hotly anticipated Youth Serum as part of the company’s iS Clinical line. This bottled treat is unlike other products that only show results after six weeks to a year of use. Just apply the serum in the morning and expect immediate smoothing and tightening; a perfect antidote for early mornings or post-flight sag. Thanks to its ingredients—including A, C, and E vitamins, enzymes, and centella asiatica—it also helps promote cellular health, provide UV protection, and prevent environmental damage. The product’s long-term results also give Father Time a one-two punch by rebuilding lost collagen, thus reducing wrinkles while improving skin firmness and elasticity. 30 ml $150.00.

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