Stephen King Calls Maine Governor Bigoted, Homophobic, and Racist

Novelist Stephen King is taking Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) to task after the governor used a homophobic slur to intimidate a Democratic lawmaker whom he thought had called him a racist. Let the record show, the governor did a fine job of making himself out to be a racist on his own accord.

King called LePage a “bigot, homophobe and a racist” on Saturday, after a week in which LePage said he keeps a binder of drug dealers’ mugshots from his state, and has found that more than 90 percent of the book is full of black or Hispanic people. In reality, U.S. Census data does not support the governor’s conclusion, as the state of Maine is more than 95 percent white to begin with, the Huffington Post reports.

Governor LePage also went on record calling people of color and Hispanics “the enemy,” in the process of denying the state’s propensity for racial profiling by police.

King finished this Tweet with, “I think that about covers it.” We think so, too.

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