Stirke a Pose with Kevin Stea, Dancer and Choreographer

Kevin Stea has worked as a dancer and choreographer with many iconic artists, including Michael Jackson, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, and he released a dance album in 2012 under the moniker That Rogue Romeo.

He first gained attention back in 1990 as one of the dancers on Madonna’s Blonde Ambition World Tour. With a documentary film crew recording backstage footage for the 1991 film Madonna: Truth Or Dare, and with Madonna using both tour and film to highlight issues including gay rights and freedom of expression, her close-knit troupe of predominantly gay dancers were (sometimes unwittingly) thrust into the spotlight due to the film’s candid depiction of their sexuality and private lives.

Twenty-five years on, Kevin and co. have once again allowed documentary filmmakers into their lives. The result is Strike a Pose, reuniting six dancers (minus Gabriel Trupin, who we learn sadly died of AIDS in 1995) who share memories as well as confess their personal highs and lows from the past 25 years. Having screened at numerous international film festivals, this fascinating documentary is set for a January 2017 release. So what’s it like to tour the world with a superstar? And when you’re on the road with someone like Madonna, what on earth do you pack?

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