Stop The Killing in Syria Now! Global Outcry as 200 People are Massacred in Tremseh

Screen Shot via YouTube

Mass terror has hit Syria once again. The United Nations reported multiple attacks in a village called Tremseh. Tanks, helicopters and heavy artillery have been used to massacre approximately 200 people. According to The Guardian: “The head of the UN monitoring mission in Syria has said that helicopters and tanks were used to shell a town in the centre of the country before a massacre that is believed to have killed more than 140 people on Thursday.”

The Guardian went on to report: “Some European states and the US are pushing for the UN to impose sanctions under a Chapter Seven resolution. However, Russia and China, which have staunchly supported Damascus throughout the uprising, have again indicated that they will use their vetoes to block such a move. Damascus said earlier this week that it is committed to Annan’s six-point peace plan and nominated an interlocutor that it said would represent the regime in discussions with the opposition to bring about a ceasefire.”

Is the Annan peace plan enough to stop the killing now? See video of Kofi Annan’s six point plan to stop violence in the Middle East after the jump…


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