Stun Gun Found on JetBlue Flight

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Full-body scanners, TSA pat downs, and the classic X-ray machines and metal detectors somehow couldn’t keep a taser from getting onboard a JetBlue flight flying from Boston to New York. JetBlue cleaning crew found the stun gun in a backseat pocket, and the crew immediately contacted the FBI.

In an age when anything from lotions to grandma’s cranberry sauce can’t sneak by security, how can they allow a stun gun?

Kara Kearney, who was sitting in the seat, told investigators that she moved seats because a TV monitor with the in-flight movie was not working and that the gun was not hers.

“It’s not mine, but I really don’t want to talk about it,” the 31-year-old from Lincroft, NJ told a North Jersey paper.

Authorities suspect that the taser wasn’t intended to be used as a weapon .

“We know who the passengers were, and based on preliminary information, it does not appear that an attack was imminent,” said Bryan Travers, spokesman for the Newark FBI office. “This was more of a case of someone bringing something on a plane that they shouldn’t have brought.”

Will the security of the future help prevent this? [NJ]

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