Support Native American Teens to Document Their Lives

Image via RezFlicks.

Our Editor at Large Andrew Mersmann is heading to Nez Perce Indian Reservation in Idaho, as he has for several years, to mentor tribal community teens by launching a parallel program to run side-by-side with the playwriting mentoring he’s done in the past. The new program will put simple digital camcorders in the hands of three tribal youths so they can record their lives and their community through interviews with tribal elders, mentors, fellow students, teachers, and other community members. By the end of the intensive learning burst (five days after school and all day Saturday) he hopes to have enough student-generated footage to be cut together and create a short film about life on the reservation called “Rez Flicks.”

In order to Make this happen, Andrew needs our help. He only has a few more days to raise enough money to purchase the three cameras. Click here to donate and learn more about this great project.

Also click after the jump to check out a video about the project…

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