Surprise Win in Oklahoma as Lesbian Unseats Anti-LGBT Republican in the Oklahoma House

While we are all still celebrating Danica Roem’s incredible win in Virginia over anti-LGBT Republican “Bigot Bob” Marshall, another member of the LGBT community has taken over a seat in the Oklahoma House from an anti-gay politician—Allison Ikley-Freeman.

The openly lesbian 26-year-old took a seat from anti-gay opponent Brian O’Hara in the Oklahoma special election. What makes the win oh-so surprising is that she hardly had any funding and took the Tulsa County district seat by just 31 votes.

Last year, Democrats invested in this election (at the tune of $200,000), but they lost by 15 percent.

This year, their candidate was lightly funded and took home a win with 2,234 votes to 2,203 for O’Hara. [Tulsa World]


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