Susan Rice: Putting LGBT Rights At Forefront Of Foreign Policy

Susan Rice, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and current National Security Advisor, declared yesterday that LGBT rights must become a greater priority in foreign policy.

At an address at American University, Ms. Rice said, “The United States must continue to integrate LGBT rights into our government and foreign policy.” Apart from creating a more diverse and inclusive national security workforce, she emphasized that the U.S. foreign policy must also protect LGBT rights internationally. 

She revealed that a new step had been taken towards this goal, and that “just yesterday a new rule went into effect that explicitly prohibits discrimination by USAID contractors.” In other words, any organization working with USAID must offer the benefits of federally-funded programs to everybody, regardless of race, disability, and now, of sexual orientation and gender identity.

She concluded, “This is not merely to ‘name and shame’. It’s not about being self-righteous. It’s about leading the world to the recognition that in the 21st century, discrimination cannot be tolerated, and prejudice comes with a price.”

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