Suze Orman and Piers Morgan Take on Anti-Gay Marriage Bigot Ryan Anderson

Screen Cap via CNN.

Screen Cap via CNN.

Suze Orman and Piers Morgan invited Heritage Foundation bigot Ryan Anderson onto Piers Morgan and a spirited debate over marriage equality ensued.

“All Americans have the right to live and to love how they choose to. And we don’t need government redefining marriage to make that a reality,” Anderson said. “I want the right to marry to be for everyone. The question is ‘what is marriage?’ I think that marriage is intrinsically, what it is, is a union of a man and woman, a husband and a wife, a mother and a father.”

When the openly lesbian Orman was able to react she eloquently explained her position: “I feel compassion for you, and I’ll tell you why, I know that you believe very strongly what you believe, but I also know that you’re very, very uneducated in how it really, really works. And I believe from the bottom of my heart that if you really, really understood why the government does need to get involved, why it does need to be legal on a federal level, if you really understood that, there is no way that you would sit there and say what you are saying right now.”

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