Sweden to Deport Russian Transgender Woman

Image via Passport

A transgender Russian woman is preparing to return to Russia after the Swedish government failed to grant her asylum. The woman who is identified as Lita, says that because Russia doesn’t protect transgender citizens she “faces a constant fear of arrest and potential imprisonment in a male prison – or mental institution – should she return.”

According to PinkNews.co.uk:

This is borne out by documents seen by PinkNews.co.uk, which suggest that the Swedish Migration Board, responsible for hearing asylum applications, initially debated her case in terms of whether her “orientation” – as opposed to her trans status – was likely to cause her problems. This contributed to a decision that she could happily return to Russia with her partner, where they would be able to live out their lives as a gay couple “in stealth”.

Adding insult to injury, according to Lita, in hearing her case, the Board also frequently mis-gendered her, referring to her as “he” (“han” in Swedish).

Lita has faced trouble her whole life because of her gender identity, but the worst persecution she faced in Russia was when she was stopped by police. The police made her strip, beat her, and urinated on her. To find out more about this case head on over to PinkNews.co.uk.


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