Temporary Pulse Memorial Opens in Orlando

Almost two years after the Pulse night shooting that took 49 lives, a temporary memorial opened on Tuesday in Orlando. The Pulse Interim Memorial put by the onePulse Foundation stands in place of the former club with an updated sign and new fence adorned with plaques and memorials of the victims surrounds the building. It also commemorates the days following the shooting and honors the survivors, families of victims, first responders, and vigils that were held. The fountain that was destroyed by gunfire during the incident was also restored.

The onePulse Foundation gathered with all impacted by that fateful June 12 day in 2016 Tuesday afternoon in an opening ceremony to honor the victims and open the interim memorial to the public. The hope for the foundation is that the place will be a place of commemoration and reflection.

The search for an architect to design the permanent memorial and museum will start in July.




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