Thai Supernatural Dolls are the New Therapy Animals on Thai Smile Airways

Image via Passport

Image via Passport

An airline in Thailand will now allow passengers to purchase a child’s ticket if they want to bring human-like dolls aboard the airline. Luk Thep (Child Angles) are lifelike dolls that are believed to have supernatural powers are often treated like real children, and Thai Smile Airways (part of Thai Airways) will welcome the dolls. An internal memo tells staff that the Luk Thep must be treated like real children, and that they should even serve it food and drink.

According to Bloomberg Business: “[The Dolls] have become increasingly popular in Thailand after several celebrities extolled their benefits. The dolls, which can sell for hundreds of dollars, are thought to possess the spirits of child angels and their owners pamper them with brand-name clothes and accessories due to the belief that a well-cared-for doll will bring good fortune.”

Don’t worry, though, the dolls will not be allowed at exit rows, and they must buckle up.


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