Thailand Set to Legalize Same-Sex Unions

Thailand Set to Legalize Same-Sex Unions

A bill is being prepared in Thailand that would recognize same-sex unions as soon as the end of the year. This seems to be the logical next step for the Southeast Asian country that is famous for acceptance. Already businesses have altered policies to allow same-sex partners equal rights such as certain life insurance companies. Additionally, the public’s perception of gays and lesbians has been changing in the country thanks to more recent visibility including adds (including a viral shampoo ad that had 37 million views).

According to AsianReview: “The bill that the Thai government is expected to pass will lead to a civil partnership act that recognizes same-sex unions. Existing law only recognizes heterosexual marriage and does not allow an individual in a same-sex relationship to receive the body of a dead partner, nor does it provide the same rights in regards to inheriting the partner’s assets. The military government aims to pass the bill before the next general election, slated for as early as next February.”

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