The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress to Shine Light on Homophobic Countries

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, currently on display in San Francisco, is a true showstopper, but under closer inspection, it’s much more of a political statement. See, the artists who created the magnificent piece combined some 70 flags to create the lengthy gown. Each flag, though, represents a country that has anti-LGBT legislation on the books.

Pride may be known, in part, for amazing outfits, but it is hard to top the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress which can be seen in San Francisco during this year’s Pride weekend.

So, what happens when a country evolves and decriminalizes homosexuality? The flag will be replaced with a rainbow. So far, only one country, Belize, has been removed. The hope being that the dress will one day be all rainbow.

You can currently see the dress on display during the pride festivities in San Francisco, California. It will be at the Salesforce headquarters on the 22nd of June as well as San Francisco City Hall during a VIP pride party on the 24th.

The dress was created by Arnout van Krimpen, Jochem Kaan, Oeri van Woezik, and Mattijs van Bergen.

Find out what other stops the dress will be making at the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation’s website.

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