The Best Places for Healthy Eating in West Hollywood

In West Hollywood, it’s as if every cook in town is dedicated to keeping you hale and hearty. It takes the chef, kitchen crew, waitstaff, and every last edible ingredient to make lunch or dinner the meal your body deserves.

Since healthy is in the details, when it’s time to fuel up (our list is in alphabetical order) try The Abbey. If you’re new in town and want to eat well and also make friends, check out this indoor-outdoor “gay Disneyland.”

The Abbey Mojito in West Hollywood

The Abbey Mojito

It’s “welcoming like a church is supposed to be,” according to fit Victor Tomasino, who has leading-man looks and is the leading man here. Once an actor, now general manager, he said that growing up in Dorothy’s hometown of Kansas, and having parents who were figure skaters, well, of course, he had to turn out gay.

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