The Big Gay Twilight Kiss

Image via Kevin Mazu/MTV.

Move over Bella Swan, looks like this warring vampire and werewolf found their soul(less)mate in one another. The biggest surprise to come out of last night’s painful MTV Movie Awards was a kiss between “Twilight” heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner—to the squeals of every Twilight gay fanfic writer.

“It was about damn time, man. It’s been up in the air for about three years now. I think we’ve all been waiting for Rob and Taylor to kiss,” Jackson Rathbone Twilight star told MTV News. “We knew it was coming, and finally it did. Finally, they acknowledged their love for each other.”

Too bad Stephanie Meyers is done with the story arch of her wildly successful books, how about a gay spinoff? [MTV]

Check out an interview with the cast of Twilight about the kiss and the special moment after the jump…

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