The Broadway’s Blog’s Look at The Great White Way’s New Divas

Meow Meow (photo credit: Karl Giant)

Barbra. Bernadette. Diana. Ask someone his or her favorite diva and you will often get a single, one name answer that carries the majesty and aura of a goddess. Purists know the word ‘diva’ has early roots in the opera world and believe a girl’s gotta be able to siiiiing to earn the title. Others feel a diva’s performance ability and theatricality is as important as the voice when it comes to firmly affixing oneself amongst the diva ranks. The association between ‘diva’ and ‘prima donna’ —  see Phantom of the Opera’s ‘Prima Donna’ for entertaining context — also explains why divas are known to be a bit, shall we say, fussy.

Who better to talk to about divas than Newsical The Musical’s Christina Bianco, whose Diva Impressions ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ YouTube video went viral a few weeks ago and as of August 30th is approaching 3.9 million views. Bianco’s parade of the most iconic divas (and a few additions like Zooey Deschanel thrown in for comedic effect) captures each female star’s essential quality, from Adele’s guttural alto to Christina Aguilera’s runaway melismata.


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