‘The Carrie Diaries’ Very Gay CW Premiere

Carrie's Soon-to-be Gay Best Friend Walt. Branden Dooling. Image via CW.

Carrie’s Soon-to-be Gay Best Friend Walt. Brenden Dooling. Image via CW.

Last night, my roommate and I just happened to sit down to watch the Sex and the City prequel teen-drama The Carrie Diaries. Were we disappointed, yes; a bit confused by the continuity of Bradshaw’s past, yes; angered that they ignored that the World Trade Center ever existed, yes. But, we were pleased with the show’s effortless inclusiveness. When Carrie meets some artsy types at Indochine, two men nonchalantly kiss. “I’ve never met gay people before,” she says. We were quite pleased with the casual inclusiveness, thinking back to when we first watched Dawson’s Creek and the media hoopla that occurred after Jack finally kissed David. The show revealed another gay storyline when Carrie’s best friend’s boyfriend, Walt (Brendan Dooling), revealed that he is still a virgin, which prompts confusion for the young Carrie. The character is seen in the closing shot looking at half-naked photos of Rob Lowe. While this show may not offer the best writing or acting on television, you just may want to see how effortlessly  they deal with the gay factor.

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