‘The Glades Project’ Highlights Honolulu’s Thriving Drag Culture in the1960s

Image via Facebook.

Located on Hotel Street in Old Chinatown in Honolulu during the 1960s was a nightclub that allowed free spirits to be themselves and to enjoy a nightlife experience unlike anything Hawaii had ever seen. Mahu (traditional Hawaiian third-gender person), transvestites, drag queens, and transgender people would congregate and many would perform for not only locals, but tourists, entertainers, celebrities, and even military men. Despite the club’s wide-spread appeal, it was also illegal for mahu people to even exist in Hawaii during that time. At night, Mahu people had to wear pins that said whether they were a boy or a girl. Filmmaker and Hawaiian native Connie M. Florez is looking to tell the stories of these brave men and women’s, but needs our help to make the film happen. Click here to donate to the project.

Take a look a a promo video fro the film after the jump…

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