The Goodyear Blimp Has Nothing on the Airlander, the Hybrid Helicopter, Airplane, Blimp

This could represent a “new age” in air travel according to aviation experts who saw the successful test of the Airlander—a hybrid blimp, helicopter, airplane. Though it’s blimp shaped, the air machine has powerful engines, and it’s designed for sustained flight. The Airlander 10 made its historical journey over an airfield in Cardington, just 45 minutes north of London, with hundreds of curious spectators.

The ship is nicknamed the “the flying bum” due its bulbous shape, but its design will allow it to hold heavier cargo than a traditional airship. It could also reach a height of 16,00 feet, reach 90 mph, and soar for over two weeks. The ship was originally created for surveillance in Afghanistan, but the US Government ended their airship program in 2013, so a private British company took over the technology. At the earliest, the ship could be used commercially in five years. [Guardian]

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