The Lust List: Dermablend Cover Creme

Image via Dermablend.

Image via Dermablend.

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearalso known as Halloween! If you’re like many of our gay brothers, tomorrow you’ll shave off the scruff, slip on your favorite pumps, and paint your face to perfection. Many drag first-timers are unsure where to start when it comes to covering a five-o’clock shadow, so we’ll save you hours of watching YouTube tutorials and introduce you to the Holy Grail of beard cover-up, Dermablend. Happy Halloween, queen!

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Used by news anchors and, yes, drag queens, Cover Creme from Dermablend is some serious stuff. Tattoos? Gone. Beard shadow? Not tonight. This waterproof foundation lasts for hours (longer than we do in a pair of heels) and will keep your costume looking as perfect as RuPaul on her runway.

Dermablend Cover Crème, $37.00

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