The Lust List: PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita. Image via PlayStation
PlayStation Vita. Image via PlayStation

Ask any gaymer what the one thing is that they miss most while traveling, and you’ll get the same answer—their games (surpise!). Yes, traveling is about seeing new things and breaking the routine, but what about those interminable flights with no in-flight movie and only a SkyMall catalog to peruse?

The new PlayStation Vita is the answer to the prayers of bored travelers everywhere. From the TV to the taxi, the Vita brings remote gaming to a different level entirely. It not only doubles as a controller for your PS console at home, but it lets you bring your favorite games with you on the road, in the air, and to that poolside cabanayou get the idea.

The PS Vita comes with access to a massive collection of immersive (and even adorable games—just look at that cute little guy in the picture!) and won’t die on you before the flight lands—we’re looking at you, smartphones. It’s slim, lightweight, has front and back cameras, and features a beautiful five-inch touchscreen. Not to mention it can access Facebook, YouTube, an Internet browser, Netflix, and more. We’re calling it; the PS Vita just Pwned everything else out there.

$199.99, includes 8GB memory card and Borderlands 2 game.

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