The Motherload Arrives on Broadway: ‘The Testament of Mary’

Fiona Shaw in "The Testament of Mary." (photo: Paul Konik)

Fiona Shaw in “The Testament of Mary.” (photo: Paul Konik)

Theater is at its finest during The Testament of Mary, a new play by Colm Toibin, starring the robust and regal Irish actress, Fiona Shaw. Adapted from what was originally a short play in Dublin and then a critically acclaimed novella, the work in its most current form at the Walter Kerr Theater is a bold imagining of a period following Jesus’ crucifixion — told entirely from the viewpoint of the Virgin Mary. Deborah Warner’s emboldened direction pushes artistic boundaries and tests where modern audiences are willing to go in their understanding of and compassion for the religious icon. In other words, this is not your Father’s Virgin.

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