The Odd Couple: Hendrick’s Flying Cucumber Floats Toward Big Apple

Photo via Magrino

Meet the tipsy out-of-towner whose flowery spirit will have New Yorkers on the lookout this week: the elusive Hendrick’s Gin Flying Cucumber. At a whopping length of 130 feet, Hendrick’s Gin has fashioned the world’s first and foremost flying cucumber – a 44-foot-tall blimp as likely to strike you with its phallic silhouette as it is to illicit a newfound appreciation of the garden salad. The cuke’s flight coincides with England’s observance of National Cucumber Day on June 14.

The grandmotherly pace of this cross-country parade is coy marketing on the part of Hendrick’s to advertise their premium dry gin, which is infused with notes of cucumber and rose essence – both of which are coincidentally being honored this month, along with 11 other botanicals. For your chance to embark the soaring green machine on a low-lying tour (with a specialty dry gin cocktail in hand), spot the aircraft, or take note when the sun shifts into eclipse, and snap a photo. Post it to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #HendricksGin and #CucumberChallenge, and you too can join the handful of those lucky enough to have floated on helium-filled produce. But snap fast, because this dirigible will be flying away to the City of Brotherly Love in a New York minute.

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