“The People’s Pope” Disses the Transgender Community

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Hailed as “The People’s Pope,” Pope Francis I has been coming under fire lately for exclusionary comments, especially towards the LGBTQ community.

Francis I was recently quoted saying “The acceptance of our bodies as God’s gift is vital for welcoming and accepting the entire world as a gift from the Father and our common home.” However, rather than turn this into a positive statement, he went on to target the trans* community with some not-so-subtle statements about how “thinking that we enjoy absolute power over our own bodies turns, often subtly, into thinking that we enjoy absolute power over creation.”

Not super surprising from the head of the Catholic Church and a man who speaks out against genetically modified organisms (GMOS). However, this next line really takes the cake.

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“Also, valuing one’s own body in its femininity or masculinity is necessary if I am going to be able to recognize myself in an encounter with someone who is different. In this way we can joyfully accept the specific gifts of another man or woman, the work of God the Creator, and find mutual enrichment. It is not a healthy attitude which would seek to cancel out sexual difference because it no longer knows how to confront it.”

Playing the hypocrite, Pope Francis I speaks about not canceling out sexual differences while simultaneously denying those who identify outside of the binary system specifically so he may continue to, “recognize myself in an encounter with someone who is different.” As the supposed voice of God on earth, you’d kind of hope Pope Francis would have a stronger sense of self than that.

Then again, this is the same man who once compared Trans people to nuclear weapons.

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