The United States Largest Companies Say Being Pro-Gay is Good For Business

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While these days it seems that everyone is angry with the United States’ big businesses, a new study shows that America’s largest companies offer up generous benefit packages and cohesive diversity policies because it’s good for business—well that’s one positive we can point out. Over 90% of country’s largest companies say that by supporting their LGBT employees it is, in turn, good for business.

The study finds that more than half of these companies specifically state that their policies prohibiting LGBT discrimination or extending domestic partner benefits are beneficial to the company’s future. The study is based on a review of statements issued by the top 50 Fortune 500 companies and the top 50 federal contractors when they first put these policies in place.

“This study highlights that economic benefits are a significant incentive when companies adopt LGBT-inclusive policies,” said Christy Mallory, Williams Legal Research Fellow. “As employers consider adopting similar polices, and as legislatures consider codifying such policies into law, this research informs the economic consequences of their decisions,” stated Mallory.

Check out the full report from the Williams Institute.

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