The World’s Most and Least Polluting Airlines

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

The results of a new seven-year study that was conducted on 20 major airlines around the world have been released, and the findings may influence your next flight purchase.

Conducted by the UK’s Warwick Business School, the study found that Finnair has the least emissions of the 20 airlines they reviewed. Following Finnair is TAP Portugal and Virgin Australia. The three were claimed to be the “cleanest” airlines. Those with the greatest overall emissions were American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines.

The findings showed that the older the airline’s aircrafts are the more likely the airline was to have high CO2 emissions.

The study also revealed that during their seven years of research (2007-2014) the emissions of airlines individually have been increasing or remaining the same, a concerning find when we would expect companies to be doing everything in their power to reduce their carbon foot prints.

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