THEATER BUFF: Be a Queen for the Night with the Incredibly Sexy Olaf Triebel

Olaf Triebel. Photo by Heike Wippermann.
Olaf Triebel. Photo by Heike Wippermann.

Name: Olaf Triebel

Hometown: Born and raised in Hagen, Germany but living in Montreal, Canada for the past 14 years (when not on tour).

Current Show/Role: Queen of the Night, circus artist and artistic coordinator for the circus part of the show.

The best part of the show I’m working on now is: The stories you get to hear after the show from your cast mates about what has just happened to them during the show. Some of the stories are priceless, but not meant for the general public! What happens at the Diamond Horseshoe stays at the Diamond Horseshoe.

The most challenging job in show business I ever had was: Pretty much this one. It is a great show that can be very different from night to night. Because of the impressive nature of this show, it depends so much on the audience and their willingness to let go and just go for it. You can have a shitty day and then have this one interaction with a guest that just totally makes your day (unfortunately sometimes you have a great day until you have this one interaction with a guest…) We are trying to stay vulnerable throughout the show as much as we can to not only ask the audience to be open for intimate and private experiences, but to [also] give them something real and intimate back. So the way people behave during the night can affect you a lot.

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