Theater Buff: Tyler Hanes from ADM21

Tyler Hanes (Photo: Kristin Hoebermann via The Broadway Blog)
Tyler Hanes (Photo: Kristin Hoebermann via The Broadway Blog)

Tyler Hanes

Marietta, Georgia

What is the mission of the American Dance Machine for the 21st Century?
To bring todays audience a living archive of some of the greatest moments in musical theater/dance history, performed by one of the most versatile and talented groups of performers around.

Tell us about your audition for the company:
Nikki Feirt Atkins first approached me about ADM21 after she saw me as Gabey in On The Town on Broadway. Once I knew Wayne Cilento was involved, I was in. I have had the pleasure of working under Wayne’s direction during the Broadway revival of Sweet Charity and am a huge fan of anything he does. His work in Sweet Charity is some of my favorite choreography I have ever danced (especially his Rich Man’s Frug) and I will always jump at the opportunity to work with him again. He is a genius.

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