This Bridal Magazine Just Said it Will Never Put a Gay Couple in It

It’s one of the best-selling bridal publications in Australia, but it says that it will not editorialize same-sex marriage. Despite marriage being now legal in the country, the editorial team at White said that they’ve tried to submit gay and lesbian couples’ weddings to the magazine, but the heads of the editorial team said: “We aren’t sharing same-sex weddings at this point.”

The magazine hasn’t even mentioned gay marriage since it’s become legal. A lesbian photographer, Lara Hotz, said that she’s tried to bring queer content to the magazine, but has been continually shut down, according to the Australian Associated Press.

“If I had known they don’t support SSM (same-sex marriage) I wouldn’t have chosen to spend a good portion of my marketing funds with their magazine, on principle,” said photographer and advertiser, Ona Janzen.

The magazine is refusing to comment on the issue.

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