This Hotel Manager is Being Accused of Saying Gays Belong in Cages

This Hotel Manager is Being Accused of Saying Gays Belong in Cages

A hotel manager is being accused of telling a lesbian couple that they should be “put in a cage with the wild animals.”

Nicole Calder and Lauren Inglis from Edinburgh were staying at the Clifton Mount Hotel in Newcastle this past weekend when they say the comments were made in an e-mail after they asked for a refund.

The whole incident started when the women were brought to a room that they said they did not book. It was dirty, the neighbors were partying till the early morning and shouting obscenities, and a hotel staff member asked to access the basement through their room.

After a night out, they say that their neighbors began harassing them with homophobic statements. “When I went back the people in the other room could see I’d spoken to reception so a few of them started saying things like ‘there’s the man’ and ‘there’s the lesbian,'” Inglis told the Scottish Sun.

“They were saying vulgar things about me having sex with my partner and then saying that I s**g my mum – more disgusting things like that. In this day and age you don’t expect to experience stuff like that. That people are still homophobic like that shocks me.”

They then proceeded to go to the reception to make a formal complaint. The receptionist didn’t care too much, told the girls that this was in fact a “party hotel,” and simply asked their neighbors to keep it quiet.

“I went back to the reception to complain and the man behind the counter came down and told them to keep the noise down but didn’t mention the homophobic stuff,” Inglis said.

They then sent an e-mail and received a message from Hotel Manager Andy Singh saying that they were liars.

“I’m sorry to hear about your recent stay but most of what you are saying is not true…Yes you complained about the group next door whom said [sic] they were not saying anything of the sort it was simply your word against theirs. I therefore suggest in the future to stop making so many lies up, there will be no refund.”

Then, things got ugly…uglier.

“Please go ahead and do as you please your [sic] not fit enough to stay in a hotel people like you should be put in a cage with the rest of the wild animals,” he wrote.


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