Thomson Airways Launches Renewable Fuel Flights in the UK

Image via Passport.

This week, Thomson Airways launched its first renewable fuel flight in the UK. Thomson Airways is now considered to be the first UK airline to fly customers on sustainable biofuel after flight TOM 7446 took off from Birmingham Airport to Arrecife. Carrying 232 passengers on a Boeing 757-200, the flight used sustainable biofuel which was supplied by Dutch-based company SkyNRG, who is advised by an independent Sustainability Board consisting of two leading NGOs and a leading Government scientific institute. Platinum Fuels have been chosen as the fuel handler to fuel the aircraft.

Chris Browne, Thomson Airways’ Managing Director described the maiden flight using aviation biofuel as “very exciting” and “a further step in our commitment to invest in sustainable aviation biofuel.”

The company is hoping to decrease emissions by 80 percent in the future.

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