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Image via Passport

Image via Passport

It’s not entirely unlikely for someone to visit a destination and then stay forever. This is the case for Rob Allyn, a former actor from NYC who decided to move to Rome 16 years ago. The gorgeous city beckoned with its ancient buildings, charming boutiques, and plenty of authentic eats, completely romancing Rob. What truly lured him, however, was the Pantheon. “I remember that when I saw it on my first trip, it was pouring rain outside and very, very dark. The 27-foot diameter circle in the ceiling has an urban legend that when it rains outside, the genius of the construction prevents the rain from coming in. That is completely false because when I was there, it was raining both on the outside and in the inside. But there was this fascinating light coming through the oculus, reflected with the raindrops coming down on the floor. It was just beautiful.” Speaking of beautiful, so was the hot Italian man Rob followed, which is what really made him stay. “I fell in love in Rome with a crazy Italian,” laughs Rob. “But I also had taken a previous backpacking trip in Europe for two months the year before and had really enjoyed the lifestyle of the Europeans. Working to live and not living to work—it was an experiment that was supposed to last for about two years but has been going on for the last 16!”

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