‘TIME’ Magazine Goes ‘Beyond He or She’ in New Transgender Cover Story

‘TIME’ Magazine Goes ‘Beyond He or She’ in New Transgender Cover Story

TIME magazine will also tackle transgender issues, following the lead of National Geographic, in its new cover story.

The illustrious magazine gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what we can expect from their new issue. Using data from GLAAD, “The piece explores how you-do-you young people are questioning the conventions that when it comes to gender and sexuality, there are only two options for each: male or female, gay or straight.”

gender-cover-final (1)
Cover photograph by Jody Rogac for TIME

The data used concludes that millennials are far more likely to consider themselves something other than straight of cisgender compared to the boomers, but why is that?

The magazine writes: “TIME interviewed dozens of people around the U.S. about their attitudes toward sexuality and gender, from San Francisco to small-town Missouri. Many said they believe that both sexuality and gender are less like a toggle between this-or-that and more like a spectrum that allows for many — even endless — permutations of identity. Some of those young people identified as straight, others as gay, still others as genderqueer, gender fluid, asexual, gender nonconforming and queer. Several said they use the pronoun they rather than he or she to refer to themselves.”

The article also delves into the uptick in anti-transgender legislation that has swept the nation, and talks to Republican lawmakers who use their religion to justify discrimination.

The new issue is on newsstands now, and for those with a TIME subscription you can read the article online.

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