Tips for San Francisco Tourists from Author Wesley Gibson

Wesley Gibson (Photo: Chelsea Station Editions)

In next month’s print edition of PASSPORT (May, 2012), I’ve selected San Francisco-based author Wesley Gibson’s new novel, Personal Saviors, as our Airplane Read of the Month. The book is a heartfelt gay coming-of-age tale set in the deeply religious, profoundly racist American South of 1969. Gibson writes so convincingly from the perspective of a young Southerner that I’ll admit to being momentarily surprised when I learned, after reading the book, that he’s lived here in San Francisco for the past six years. You may be able to take the boy out of the Southern Gothic, but you can’t take the Southern Gothic out of the boy: Gibson describes his adopted hometown as “a strange combination of loveliness and kinkiness and darkness.  It’s an adult Disneyland run by recent escapees from a mental institution, or maybe just eccentrics of all stripes from all over.” I asked him to share some of his favorite aspects of SF with Agenda readers: What’s your favorite cultural institution to spend time at in the city? SFMOMA, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  There’s always something interesting there. Go ahead keep reading over at our new blog  San Francisco Agenda…

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