Tour Company IsramWorld Suspends Trips to Russia Over Anti-Gay Laws

Image via Isramworld

Image via Isramworld

IsramWorld and its subsidiary, europe too, are suspending tour operations to Russia, according to the President and CEO A. Ady Gelber. “In the 21st century, we cannot turn a blind eye to a circumstance whereby our clients’ welfare can be jeopardized by who they are, or who they might appear to be,” declared Gelber, “or, even more ominously, by their purposefully or inadvertently engaging in what the Russian government characterizes as the ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.”

Gelber continues by saying, “As 21st-century Americans, we have to take a stand against archaic prejudice and reprehensible bigotry…and, as a child of the Holocaust, I am painfully aware that had international corporations acted en masse with a conscience during the 1930s, the history of the 1940s might have turned out very differently.”


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