Transgender Children’s Books Read in Kindergarten Class Has Divided Community

Parents at Sacramento’s Rocklin Academy were divided at a school board meeting about a teacher reading two books about children going through gender transition before one of the kindergarteners changed clothing to reveal her new identity.

Days before the end of the previous academic school year the kindergarten teacher read the two books including I am Jazz, which caused some parents to feel “betrayed and blindsided.” She says a child going through transition gave her the books and decided this was an important topic to cover.

She told CBS, “”I’m so proud of my students, it was never my intent to harm any students but to help them through a difficult situation.”

Parents were upset as some children come home confused or even afraid. One parent however was proud of her son who reacted positively to the story and for having “absolutely no prejudice in his body.”

According to the article the district deemed the books age-appropriate and that gender identity, unlike sexual education, does not require prior parental notice.

Is there a proper age to introduce transgender topics? Should schools be introducing these topics or should this be a discussion between parent and child?

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