Transgender Teen’s Transition Covered in A Three-Part Story

An Oregon local paper, the Oregonian, is covering the female-to-male transition of a transgender teen, Jay. “About A Boy,” the three-part story written by Casey Parks, began this past Sunday and the second part was made available yesterday. Parks spent hundreds of hours with Jay and his family over the course of three years. The first article begins when he is 14 taking his first hormone shot, the second catches up with him getting top surgery at 15, and the last one, being published on August 4.

The first two articles take an intimate look at Jay’s transition chronicling his mindset, physical changes, and the official public changes like starting high school as male, modifying the gender on his birth certificate, and getting a driver’s license.

This three-part story chronicles the effects of the progressive transgender healthcare policies health officials passed in 2014. “Under the new rules, Medicaid would pay for puberty blockers, hormones and gender reassignment surgeries,” The Oregonian writes. In that post they also detail how the story was reported.


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