A Transgender Woman Sues State After Idaho Refuses to Change Gender

A transgender woman is suing the state of Idaho after the state refused to change the gender listed on her birth certificate to reflect her true gender identity rather than the gender she was assigned at birth. Only Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, and Tennessee have policies that prohibit changes to a birth certificate.

According to the AP: “In the lawsuit, the 28-year-old identified only with the initials F.V. says she has been living as a woman since she was 15. She lives in Hawaii now but was born in Boise, and so asked the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics in March to change the gender listed on her birth certificate.”

The woman says that the current policy is both discriminatory and serves no public good or purpose.

“A woman has the right to be treated as a woman, rather than a man, by her government; and the fact that she is a woman who is transgender does not change that right,” her attorneys with the law firm Lambda Legal wrote in the lawsuit.

Idaho has not filed a response.


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