Transphobic #FreeSpeech Bus is Vandalized With Equality Messages; the Anti-Gay Right Don’t See the Irony

Transphobic #FreeSpeech Bus is Vandalized With Equality Messages; the Anti-Gay Right Don’t See the Irony

According to Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), two people approached the bus in daylight scratched it with a key and used a hammer to break the windows.The #Freespeech/ transphobic bus was also spray-painted with pro-trans* slogans such as “Trans Liberation” and “Trans Rights Now”

The bus was parked outside the United Nations, while the occupants were inside the UN, the bus driver was still on board, and tried to defend the bus until he was tackled by one of the vandals. The bus driver was left unharmed.

The transphobic bus that boasts the slogan “Boys are boys…and always will be, Girls are girls…and always will be. You can’t change sex. Respect all.” The bus was funded by the right-wing Citizen Go campaign and has been gaining support from anti-LGBT groups such as the National Organization for Marriage. The bright-orange bus was set to tour several different cites starting in New York, but will be out of commission until the repairs are made.

Once back on the road, the bus will continue with its route to New Haven, Boston University, and then Washington D.C.

NOM tweeted asking if any prominent LGBT activists would speak out against these actions, they were not met with silence. Most tweets are with the Pro-LGBT vandals and do not pity the owners of the conservative hate bus.

The New York City police department is investigating the crime as an act of criminal mischief.

The #freespeech bus had originally started because of a pamphlet distributed by CHRYSALLIS a pro-transgender organization. The pamphlet shows four children naked and holding hands. The boys have female genitalia while the girls have male genitalia. The caption under it reads  “There are girls with penises and boys with vaginas. It’s that simple.”


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