Trevor Project Reports Major Increase in Transgender Youth Phone Calls to Suicide Hotline

Late last night, the Trevor Project issued a scary press statement about the amount of incoming calls, text messages, and online chats they’ve received from transgender youths. The influx of communications to the suicide prevention organization corresponded most notably after President Trump’s tweet regarding transgender military service members, and the local to national news coverage of proposed “bathroom bill” in the Texas legislature.

According to the press statement issued by the Trevor Project:

Of the approximately 178 contacts per day (on average) received by The Trevor Project, 7.3 percent typically self-identify as transgender; within 24 hours after the President’s tweet regarding transgender military service members, contacts from transgender individuals spiked to 17.5 percent of all contacts; and, the week after the Texas legislature introduced the anti-trans “bathroom bill,” contacts from transgender young people doubled to 14.7 percent.

“As an adult living my life as a transgender man, I know first hand what it feels like to feel scared, alone, and vulnerable. Throughout the 85th legislative session here in Texas, and now in the Special Session, Equality Texas has been on the frontlines fighting against the anti-transgender rhetoric and public discourse espoused by elected officials at the Capitol,” said transgender programs coordinator Lou Weaver. “The anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and all of the anti-transgender policies have directly resulted in members of our community being assaulted and our parents being afraid for their children . We hope the news from the Trevor Project will inform lawmakers and result in them rejecting all discriminatory bathroom bill legislation targeting our transgender neighbors, families and friends.”


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