Trump Administration Reportedly Pressured 4-H to Remove Policy that Welcomed LGBT Members

The Trump administration, according to new reports, pressured the international 4-H youth organization to remove a policy welcoming LGBT members, which led to the firing of the top 4-H leader in Iowa.

Heidi Green, who was the chief of state for the Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, told the organization that 4-H needed to rescind the policy as conservatives protested the policy that was told to “treat all students consistent with their gender identity and allow them ‘equal access.’”

According to Slate: “There are more than 6 million members of 4-H, which is administered by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, itself a part of the Department of Agriculture. The organization has been working to diversify since the early 1990s, and John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas, the 4-H director in Iowa, had long advocated for the organization to welcome LGBT youth. He resisted NIFA’s request that the Iowa 4-H take down the policy from its website, and he said that during the uproar he received death threats, according to the Register.”

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