Trump Ends Support of Rainbow Flag at Stonewall National Monument

A ceremony was meant to take place today at New York City’s Stonewall National Monument in which the Rainbow Flag would be raised and waved over federally owned land (a first), and placed under the permanent watch of the National Park Service. The Trump Administration withdrew support of the event last night.

The flag was meant to be raised on a nautical flagpole and be cared for by the National Park Service will still be waved, but the National Park Service has abandoned responsibilities of maintaining the flag. Instead, the City of New York will ensure that LGBT history is not forgotten.

The event today will include performances, celebrities, and politicians, but those from the NPS have canceled their appearances.

“Since planning began this past summer, the NPS had been wholly cooperative,” said Ken Kidd, a spokesperson for the LGBT organizers. “This abrupt turn-around, as well as the NPS distancing itself from this event, is more evidence of the Trump administration’s campaign to reduce LGBT people to second-class American citizens. It’s no coincidence that this comes on the heels of Attorney General Sessions’s support of religious rights over LGBT civil rights.” [Blade]

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