Trump Pledges to Sign Anti-LGBT Legislation

Trump Pledges to Sign Anti-LGBT Legislation

Donald Trump has never been popular with the LGBT community, try as he might to win their votes. However, he might lose even more followers with his latest declaration to sign the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) if it is passed by Congress.

FADA was first proposed in the House on June 17, 2015, and offers legal protection to people, groups, or corporations who believe marriage should be between a man and woman. It would prevent the government from denying grants, contracts, employment, or benefits to people based on their religious beliefs on same-sex marriage.

While this bill seems alarming, and in some ways is a step backwards, FADA would not legalize anti-LGBT discrimination. It doesn’t propose to overturn President Obama’s 2014 executive order prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination in the workplace, and employers would still need to comply with existing civil rights protections.

However, John Obergefell of the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case condemned FADA as “permitting discrimination and harm under the guise of religious liberty.”

Trump is now joining the list of Republican candidates who had previously signed the pledge, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson. [LGBTQNation]

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