TSA Changes Rules to Allow Knives & Other “Weapons” on Planes

Image via Passport.

Image via Passport.

While back in January we were praising the TSA for finally getting rid of  some controversial and potentially dangerous body scanners, their latest change in security procedures must not be implemented. The TSA, with little or no consultation with the airlines or flight attendants, announced its new policy which allows passengers to bring on the plane, among other things, small knives. You think that’s absurd? Get this. Passengers can also bring on golf clubs, hockey sticks, small baseball bats, and even corkscrews. Though, box cutters—the blade used in the 9/11 attacks—remain banned, not because of their threat level, but because, according to the TSA, of sentimental reasons. Who’s in charge over there!? Tell the TSA to reverse their decision to allow these potential “weapons” from being allowed on planes. There’s no reason these things can’t be checked.

Here is a link to their website and email address

You can read the entire TSA announcement concerning the new rules by clicking here.

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