Two UK Dancers Royally Stick it to Putin by Boycotting Performances


Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

It’s a dream for many dancers to perform at Moscow’s historic Bloshoi Theatre, but the prestige of dancing there isn’t enough for two dancers who have decided to rescind the invite over Russia’s discriminatory anti-gay laws. The UK’s Royal Ballet is set to do a series of performances at the theater, but two dancers will be missing. According to the Royal Ballet: “Out of the 96-strong dancers in The Royal Ballet, just two dancers have chosen not to go on tour to Moscow for political reasons….A handful of others are not going for family or other reasons and this is completely normal. On any overseas tour, there are inevitably some dancers who are not required in the repertory being taken on tour, or who have family or other commitments that do not allow them to go overseas for the duration of the tour.”

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