Two Young Women Arrested in Morocco Under Suspicion for Homosexuality

While lesbians are usually ignored in places where homsexuality is criminalized, Morocco has taken an unusual step in arresting two young ladies who authorities believe were in a “homosexual” relationship.

The two girls, 16 and 17, were charged and brought into police custody and are expected to appear in court on November 4 in Marrakech. The two minors were also transferred to an adult prison despite their age.

“The girl’s mother does not know anything about the fate of her daughter and the visiting hours have not been communicated,” according to the union’s release.

“[The UFL strongly condemns the arrest of the two girls, as well as the treatment they are undergoing in the Boulamharaz prison. The group appeals to Moroccan human rights and legal associations to end…the injustice in which we now live.” [MWN]


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